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This new Members Only website was fully launched on August 25, 2021 and is password protected with unique Usernames and Passwords for each member.

Each member's unique Username is their national number with as many leading zeros as necessary to make it six digits. (For example, a National Number of 12345 would translate to a Username of 012345). The unique Password that each member creates using "reset my password" should not use their name or any personal information, must be 8 to 40 characters, must use at least one number and must have at least one “special character” (@ $ ! # %). Note: if you are unable to complete the request to reset your password, your email address is not in the system (see below) or it is on file more than once because you joined with other family members and your email address was on all of the applications - if so, contact Technical Support to resolve the email issue.)

Check your Spam folder if you do not find the reset link that you generated by resetting your password. Reach out to your Chapter or State Treasurer and/or Registrar who can add or change your email address. Chapter Officers should reach out to their State counterparts, State Officers to their National counterparts, and National Officers to the Technology Enhancement Chairman should questions or issues remain.

Once you have gained access to the new website, you can allow your browser to save your login credentials IF you are accessing the website from a private computer. Basic internet security dictates that you never save any login credentials on a public (hotel, library, guest, etc) computer. If you forget your password or want to change it at any time, there is a “Reset Password” hyperlink on the new website’s login page. However, the system must have a valid unique email address for you to use this function.

Our new website integrates with our Membership database, allowing searches, forms and reports to be accessed directly by all of our members and officers for up to the minute data. Members also have the ability to edit their own personal profile information using a hyperlink on our new website’s Home page. Increased functionality will continue to be built over the next several weeks and months and announced on the Home page under “Website Updates”.

Through our new website, members will be able to directly view the collections of data that we house for our Society’s members, both past and present. Our data has gone through a massive reorganization to be able to be brought together into one large database. While much of the reorganization could be done electronically, some of it had to be done manually, especially much of the Ancestor data. Thus, you may encounter some errors that will require correction. We ask for your patience and assistance identifying, verifying, and correcting any errors. Instructions for reporting errors are available on the pages where the data is displayed.

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