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This new Members Only website was fully launched on August 25, 2021 and is password protected with unique Usernames and Passwords for each member. 


Each member's unique Username is their national number with as many leading zeros as necessary to make it six digits.
(For example, a National Number of 12345 would translate to a Username of 012345).

Forgot Password

Click "reset my password" from the Login Webpage. The unique Password that each member creates using should not use their name or any personal information,
1. must be 8 to 40 characters
2. must use at least one number
3. must have at least one “special character” (@ $ ! # %)

Remember to check your Spam folder if you do not find the reset link that you generated by resetting your password. If no email found, then reach out to your Chapter or State Treasurer and/or Registrar who can add or change your email address. You may contact Technology Enhancement for assistance, too.

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